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[ENERGY UPDATE] 26th Jan. - 1st February 2019 (Week 5): Truth & Fantasy

By elecia, Jan 27 2019 05:39AM

Energy Update

26th January - 1st February 2019 (Week 5):

Truth & Fantasy

By jona bryndis, 24th January 2019

Watch Energy Update for Week 5 Here

Collective Energies

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DISCIPLINING YOURSELF (Losing Your Goals/Intentions)





Truth & Fantasy

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Hi Everybody,

This coming week is all about PERCEPTION. Please watch the video, I want to focus on giving you extra tips for understanding the importance of this subject:

How can we learn to discern between the subjective reality our mind and emotion create and universal truth?

The quality of our perception depends on the energetic frequency of the person who projects it. For example: If my projection is tied to sexual thoughts, visuals or acts, the energy projected can feel sexual to another, and even be felt in body parts as sexual stimulation. For an energetically sensitive person this can be very uncomfortable, and can even go as far as being perceived as a psychic attack.

(picture source www.evolveconsiousness.org)

The less emotionally processed a person is the more unfiltered his/her projections are – fear, anger, power-tripping, guilt-tripping, disappointment, victimhood, are just a few examples of how most people unconsciously project their thoughts and emotions to others, which in return influences their own and other people’s reality.

Now interpolate the effect of energetic projection onto the human collective level. Is the world we perceive real? Or just the result of some clever projectors out there who manipulate the way we perceive reality? Is our life nothing but a virtual reality, created by collective programming, our own ego illusion and cleverly placed implants that distort incoming energetic information? Is the information we receive while in deeper states of consciousness a reflection of our own illusion?

Are we even able to escape the veils of deception?

Yes, we are - but only if we are willing to get past our mind. Our mind is not designed to leave the limitation of collective and personal projection.

Understanding the depth of deception through our own projections and learning to identify the mechanisms at play when we interact with the world around us not only allows us to see where we alter reality within us, but also to recognize the power of our co-creatorship. As soon as we begin to realize the extent of delusion through our own mind and emotion we begin to experience that only our inner heart-connection is capable of discerning and unveiling truth.

If you are asking yourself how this can work and how it’s only your heart that can bypass mental, emotional and collective projection, feel inside. We all have a truth detector deep within us – it’s just that we are either not able to feel it or that we never trained ourselves to listen to it. Hence, learning how to decode deception and illusion is not only a cool tool for navigating our energy through multidimensional realms of our energetic reality, but can also be an effective way of learning how to heal and consolidate our own energy, as well as add tremendously to the compassion we have for others.

As most of you know, transCODES’ mission is to provide practical tools and techniques for learning how to read, manage, navigate and protect our energy. All our modalities are geared towards self-exploration and self-healing. In 1-on-1 and remote energy sessions we teach how to become more familiar with our growing energetic sensitivity and offer assistance on the way.

Much Love,



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