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Healthy Energetic Strategies for Highly Senstive Persons & Empaths

By jona bryndis, Aug 7 2017 02:30PM

On the surface things in our personal lives may go slow but for energetically sensitives and empaths there is a lot going on - internally as well as what we perceive in the human collective! How can we deal with the often overwhelming energies influencing how we feel?

Our Urge to Make Changes

Just in this past year major global control structures were shifting and a growing part of the worldwide population is pushing for the resolution of inner and outer conflicts! Since then, and for energetically sensitives as you are probably even longer than that, we have been facing times of increased global and personal energetic stress. And we feel like right in the middle of it. Since the end of last year it has become obvious that there are big changes on the way. There is this intense inner tension we can feel that something is about to happen pretty soon! The physical and energetic sensations have multiplied and if we haven't found anyone yet to assist us in those matters, we feel, once again, alone...

This brings in the renewed sense of urgency to do something with our lives; to go somewhere or to start something new and to feel more purpose and direction, be it in regards to our relationships, careers, financially, physically or all of the above. 

However, not all energetic stress is related to just your personal changes, but in order to deal with those changes internally empaths and energetically sensitives need to have healthy strategies to deal with collective energy bands and the emotional polarization of people around us - more than ever before!


Our Journey

For many of us energetically sensitive persons our journey has always been tied to the necessity to cope with adverse energies or to fight against outer negativity – through people in our lives, inner and outer programming and collective bombardment. Most of us have been forced to become energetically independent and self-sufficient against our wills. Our energy simply never fit in and nothing in us seemed to match up with collective energies. 

Typically, we had but two choices to deal with it: To give up and give-in to life-long suppression and hiding from our heightened perception or fight for our fringe-dweller-freedom and right to be who we truly are.


Our story is simple: From childhood on we were constantly forced to stand our ground, fight for what we felt true and claim our freedom without understanding why. We doubted ourselves and renounced our Divinity as nothing seemed to make sense. In order to feel the confidence to expand, to express and to manifest our heart’s truth we had to find own ways to secretly cope with societal conditioning that was telling us our FEELING is wrong. And of course, these 'ways’ were not always met with support! In fact, I think it’s no exaggeration to say us empaths and energetically sensitives are experts in overcoming other people’s judgments, suspicions and degradations!


However, it made us tough and we learned to cope better than others - mainly through becoming good energy readers anticipating the next attack - but at what price?

It’s hard not become cynical, dissociated and locked in to a fighting attitude when feeling attacked from all sides!

Our perception cemented our suspicion that we are alone in this and we began to see other people and the system as hostile  - and thus over time, slowly lost our inner connection to the very source that was prompting us to be true …


Our Struggle


Without contextualizing our journey we won't be able to see any purpose to all this exhausting ordeal. Nothing makes sense and it doesn't help to have this secret inner prompting to go out and support others while we subjectively feel like wanting to cave in. We can see/feel other people's struggle, but we can’t overcome the pain of not belonging… (also read “Coming Out of The Woodwork – Energy Forecast 2016”).

Instead of learning and teaching better coping strategies we end up absorbing other people's negativity, just to feel at least a tiny bit of connection. Sad but true. For years I thought that being an energy healer means to take other people's pain away - like a grandiose fixer - only to find out that it left me drained and that this isn't helping others a bit. Today, I have become to the To-Go-Person for other energy workers in need of immediate assistance, and the best advice I can give to you is to learn to love yourself! 

There is a tremendous power in knowing and loving who you are, even if you are not 'perfect'. The power doesn't come from others or what they think about you - your power comes from within you, which can only unfold if you can love ALL parts of you!


If we want to live and express who we truly are, we cannot hide in our loneliness!  (also read "Collective Healing- The Power of Coming Together to Raise Vibration"). We cannot achieve self-actualization through separating ourselves or making others wrong! That’s the same collective energy just in reverse! 

Therefore, one of the main corrections many of us are now faced with is changing our inner attitude towards life and especially others! Everyone has a different way of coping and adapting; evolving and maturing – everyone has a different timeline to choose and everyone has the right to do so! Freedom is a two-way street, and just because we have had a certain karmic propensity that forced us to learn these skills the hard way – on our own - doesn’t mean that others don’t have the right to learn it collectively.


Times are changing, and the urge to liberate ourselves out of our daily imprisonments, our jobs, our financial or family restrictions, the places we live in or our relationships has become the driving force behind our global conscious awakening process and beyond. Therefore, part of what we are facing now is a liberation of a grander scale than just our separate lives!

The reason why we find ourselves in this predicament between increasing energetic/empathic sensitivity and pressure from the outside, is this deep inner wound of not really belonging here. 


Spiritual Emergence or Emergency?

Seeing the larger context can help is to realize the uniqueness of the times we live in. All times in the history of mankind had their evolutionary drive and brought changes, but the Global Awakening as it is happening right now is unprecedented - it is going a lot faster than any development in the past and therefore requires a whole new level of adaptability and paradigm change. (Listen to: "A New Paradigm Understanding Ourselves"


The moment we stop trying to survive our lives and ‘getting by’ we enter a new level of awareness  - and with it probably the most transformative and challenging process of our lives!

Evolving, spiritually or as a whole person is not about getting better results or accumulating more wealth – you all know that! It’s about becoming true to ourselves and expressing and sharing our talents with others.

All these fancy spiritual and metaphysical concepts we have been assimilating for years are fine and dandy, but what about the reality of our personal lives? Are we abundant, at peace with our environment and in harmony with others? Do we see ourselves moving TOWARD self-expression following our heart unconditionally – or are we caught in compromises, endless looping, inner sabotage, judgment and stagnation? (Also read: "Overcoming Inner Sabotage Cycles")


Spiritualism has no meaning unless we begin to apply it in our practical lives – until our energy frequency matches up with our manifestations!


There is no point in focusing on our struggles, our fears of the future or to go into resistance with our circumstances. All this does is retraumatizing ourselves and allowing for outer negativity to hone in on us even more!

Aware or not -  everybody is going through similar things. If you really want to find out what your true talents are use this extraordinary time for applying your energetic sensitivity and practicing advanced personal energy management! Here a few suggestions for

Energetic Coping Strategies For Energetically Sensitive Persons & Empaths


Emotional Energies


As your energetic sensitivity refines don't be surprised to find out that emotional energies are typically VERY draining, therefore be aware of buying into dramas - your own as well as other people's! In order to maintain a balanced state of energy try to evaluate if there are outer aspects that could be avoided (e.g. certain negative people or places). Instead of jumping on every bandwagon, try to focus on strengthening your energetic immune system by staying centered and grounded - and breathe through your heart for a few seconds. No matter what the challenge, ALWAYS connect with your heart and your true feelings instead of reacting or getting run over by your emotions!


“How do I really feel (about this)?”

“What does my heart tell me?”


Take or ask for a timeout before you respond and double check with your TRUE INNER VOICE. Learn to accept that you don't have to have an immediate solution in order to move on! 


Physical Energies


Your digestive system and water intake play a big role for your overall well-being as well as the effectiveness of your immune system - thus also for our energetic strength. Move more and add more raw fruits (before breakfast) and vegetables (e.g. salads before meals). This way your metabolic rate and energetic flow can increase and flush out toxic energies/residues more easily. Proper digestion is not just important for weight-management or heart-health but also allows for stored emotions and other energetic gunk to leave your system!


As your physical immune system goes down, your energetic immune system and psychic protection does!

As this occurs it increases your susceptibility for energetic bombardment and with it the absorption of outer and inner toxicity. If you feel physically down, keep your physical system extra clean, rest and go outside into nature (if you don’t feel like exercising)! Connecting with Nature helps to ground your 1st and 2nd Chakra and allows for a faster release of low vibratory energies. The sooner dark energies can leave your system the faster you will regain your energy!


Energetic Grounding Technique

Go to a spot in nature that you like where it is fairly quiet and that has a tree or trees that you can sit under.  Pick the tree that feels right and sit with your back against it.  Settle against the tree and relax a bit.


Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.  A couple of 'I AM' Breathes can aid here if you are a bit in your head or had a relatively stressful day.  The first task is to just relax a bit and begin to notice your energy as well as that of the tree.


With your eyes closed and your breathing relaxing more and more, begin to feel the strength of the tree and its energy as you sit there.  Keep settling into the ground and the tree and feel your body relax.  Trust in the tree and the ground that it is connected to as in this there is tremendous energy.


After a few minutes, begin to either feel or visualize the tree's roots.  Feel how deep they go and how they help the tree to not only be rooted, but grow and be nurtured by nature - just as you are...


A tree is just as big below the earth as it is above it.  It is grounded in the earth and linked to the energy of nature.  By focusing on the roots, you can begin to feel and understand grounding quite well.


Feel deep into the ground and visualize your energy extending as far down as the roots of the tree.  Feel how solid the tree is and how solid your energy is becoming as you continue to focus on the roots of the tree and your own energy going deeper and deeper.


With each breath in pull the energy from deep within the ground up into your heart and with each breath out visual and feel your energy going down deeper and deeper into the ground...rooted there.


Within just a few minutes you will feel very centered and tied to nature.  Stay as long as you like and practice going deeper and feeling out your energy, the earth, and the tree.  Don't worry if it doesn't come easy at first...just keep trying and notice how you are afterwards.  

Be sure to thank the tree when you leave!

If it feels right, you can keep going back to the same tree to keep the bond building...

Over time, you can do this exercise without the tree as the feeling and reference is already created!  

Jeff Casper

Energy Coach at transCODES and Founder of SelfUnification.com 


Mental Energies


Worrying, mental looping and an overpowering Critical Inner Voice typically set in when you begin to think about, especially when trying to implement changes. Anxiety, panic or outbursts of anger can indicate that you are trying to control your emotions with your mind! For the untrained mind, thinkingness is directly linked to our ego mind and its fears and unhealthy coping strategies, such as addictive behaviors and will therefore typically go into turbo drive. Accept that you ego-mind is not necessarily a good advisor when trying to make changes. It will try to talk you out of it with all its power. Meditation, contemplation or deeper consciousness work can help to silence the mind (and its illusionary mouthpieces). Again, Heart-based breathing (see IAM-Breathing) can alleviate some of our mental, emotional and energetic stress and help to balance your thoughts by strengthening your more positive and True Inner Voice. (also read "Dealing with Excess Mental & Emotional Energies")


The best antidote for silencing a torturing Critical Inner Voice is actively working on finding and connecting with your True Inner Voice!

Abundance & Manifestation Energies


Many of us are not quite sure yet what manifestation energies are. Often they are mistaken or confused with our 3rd Chakra Solar-Plexus willpower energies, which are bound to our ego, competition, power-tripping and specialness and therefore NOT compatible with the resonance of abundance. Typically, will-power energies only work well for people with strong visualization and projection powers, but they usually can’t be sustained on the long run.


Working from our 3rd Chakra desire instead of our true heart's desire (4th Chakra) often creates or perpetuates addictive patterns, because the gratification cannot be felt/doesn’t come from the heart.

If you are interested in more than short term successes (e.g. getting laid; getting rich fast; losing 10 pounds in one week, etc.) know that willpower only works as long as you are energizing your goals with your ego. If your energy is low, the whole thing collapses!


In addition to our insatiable ego goals, willpower is heavily polarized, opinionated, programmed and promoted collective programming. As long as people are churning in their ego-hamster-wheels they can be collectively better controlled. Consider this! Ego-goals are insatiable! (also read: ‘The Energetic Secrets of Conscious Manifestation’)

True Purpose & Self-Actualization


Most of us awakening souls are in fact at a point where we begin to realize how our consumerism and collective programming into fear, competition and anger separates us even more.

If you have arrived at this point in your life where you simply want to know what your true purpose is keep working on identifying your true needs and priorities - and learn to love yourself with all your perceived imperfections! From an energetic point of view, self-love is the most important prerequisite for inviting and expanding your manifestation energies. Take your time with this!  

In order to reconnect with your true purpose you need to ditch the collective stuff! Who cares what your neighbors or parents think about what you do! What matters is if you can love what you do and who you are.


Instead of overthinking or freaking out about what to do or where to go, focus on connecting within and ask yourself "What would my True Self do?" – or - if this doesn’t work yet – ask yourself “In the past, what have I been consistently avoiding the most?”. Often, we can find a vital clue here.

Especially energetically sensitive persons and empaths tend to spend a lot of energy in running away from their true purpose…

Stop running or fighting. Center, Connect and Face the lion and you may be surprised to find that this lion is you!


Thank you for your time.


Much Love,



Energy Coach & Founder of transCODES

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