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Welcome to the Truth of Global Awakening!

By jona bryndis, Dec 19 2015 11:08AM

Energy Update: The End of 2015

Since the middle of December the energetically sensitives and empaths amongst us have already been feeling it: The next collective wave is building…

Many of us find ourselves in a current situation that would easily justify to throw the towel - to go back to our old ways and wishing we could live our life in ignorance of what is going on within and around us. I feel you - if it wasn’t for the realization that it’s only in our own good to finally deal our inner conflicts and outer lies. Welcome to the truth of ‘Global Awakening’ !

If you are still busy with dealing with the effects of last month’s influx of correctional energies, please don’t get discouraged by my directness! Yes! Money problems, unexpected health issues, relationships conflicts, political unrest or the fear of losing your house/job/pet/loved one can drastically lower our energy and make us want to just cave in and sedate ourselves with simple ego pleasures. Of course! The pace in which the current energetic bombardment is forcing us to deal with the crumbling illusions of our ego is tough! No doubt, this year has challenged us on many different levels like no other before, and it feels like there is not end in sight - but hang in there! There is a good reason for it.

It is in our human nature, that we are only willing to manifest true changes when our logic fails and our lives seemingly fall apart. The trick to getting through this awakening process with a strengthened sense of who you are, what’s important to you and what you came here for, is to stop wanting to sleep.

So, instead of avoiding what needs to be looked at and done to actualize your awakened self it's time to be courageous! Don't let collective phantom pains drag you down! Be strong, heart-centered and believe in yourself and your inner power! The only way to experience and internalize your inner higher power is to wake up, stand up, shake it off – and keep walking!

The purpose of being exposed to so many changes at once is learning to up your energetic capacity and trusting in our inner connection with your own strength, creativity and inspiration.

Part of the fall of the Global Shadow is the approaching re-integration of Divine Feminine Energy into our physical paradigm. But this doesn’t mean that women are ‘more spiritual’ than man, or that the Feminine is ‘better’ or ‘stronger’ than the Masculine principle. All that means is that we are in the process of reinstating the needed balance to face the coming changes with Grace, so that we can actually advance as a species.

I’ll be honest with you. The fluffy talk about Global Awakening being ‘the most beautiful thing ever happened to humanity’, ‘how special we are that we live in these times’ and how ‘excited our channeled spirit guides, extraterrestrial guardians or angel friends are’; is quite counterproductive, in my view. This doesn’t help! All that does is keeping your illusions and energetic ties and attachments intact, because by believing this you are energizing your ego, and with it the attachment to inner and outer entities that bind you to your unresolved issues.

If you want to know how to practically deal with this changing world, go inside yourself and ask for truth; be willing to let go of your ego illusions and become accountable for your energy – only this can give you a realistic chance to adjust to inner and outer changes, as it helps you to access your higher consciousness, which already has all resolutions built-in.

We all go through several stages in developing higher states of consciousness. The sleeping state of consciousness is characterized through avoidance: ‘I’m okay – I think…’ and fear: ‘What’s going on?’. The state of ego resistance can be identified through inner dialogues sounding like: ‘Why me?’ and ego projection through: ‘The World is so bad’. If we regard ourselves and the world around us from these states of consciousness we will hardly be able to give meaning to our suffering, nonetheless transmute it. Forgive me for being so blunt, we all find ourselves in these stages from time to time, but what makes the difference is to know that these views are just ego- illusions.

‘I am so bad’ is not much different; it’s merely a variation of the same ego-specialness pattern. Unless you can honestly say ‘Oh wow!’ and occasionally crack a joke about your kicking-and-screaming ego, you will barely be able to appreciate you inner revelations and new ability to perceive yourself as integral part of the awakening process: ‘Thank You’. Once you've learned to face your inner fears and deal with energies as they arise, you will find yourself in a state of awe: ‘Beautiful!’.

The purpose of being awakened to truth, gratitude, balance and lovingness is to become one with your inner divine co-creative nature. The ‘I AM!’ is not just some metaphysical or esoteric concept, but the state of consciousness that allows you to live in abundance, self-responsibility, love and compassion – the pillars of our new reality.

What we are learning through being bombarded with the grounding rod of corrective collective energies is how to dissolve our ego into nothingness, which is exactly what we need in order to improve our personal energy management and deepen our inner connection!

Granted, the current energetic bombardment pushes all of us to the limit of our capacity dealing with things. When you feel down, try to remember your inner power of choice! It‘s not what you perceive – but how you perceive it. What seems like unbearable suffering can also be an opportunity to take a quantum leap into new reality...

For the coming days and remaining weeks of this year the negative energetic bombardment with fear, anger and pain we have been experiencing throughout this year will most likely not end yet; on the contrary! However, as always when energies are about to converge, the according counter-energies are already in place – Winter Solstice. Use the opportunity to clear your karmic and collective ties through the incoming Winter Solstice energies around the 21st December to decouple from the collective ego, consumerism, manipulation and matrix control.

After the Winter Solstice things will mostly likely speed up again around the 25th December Full Moon on Christmas until the 30th December; however New Years Eve and the beginning of January should feel a lot lighter! Click here if you want to join our Winter Soltice Special: Karmic Collective Clearing remote energy transMISSION on Monday, 21st December 2015.

As for the last weeks of this year prepare to stand your ground and find inner peace within your Sacred Heart. If you got knocked over, stand up, shake it off and keep walking – your heart will show you the way!

Thank you for your time reading this.

With Love & Truth,


ps. Holiday seasons and the End of the Year are our busy-times. It is the time were many go into deeper reflection and solution finding, which is why we offer more than normal support. Our team of Energy Coaches and myself are there for you if you need assistance during the approaching Holiday Season. We offer several free sessions and free chat servive for those in need. You are not alone!

The transCODES team is sending you love and gratitude for your interest and dedication! We are wishing you a smooth transition into the New Year 2016!


Jona & The transCODES Team

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